The Problem with Airbnb While Selling Your House

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  1. Jessica Tully

    I’m an attorney in the U.S. Virgin Islands and I was wondering if you’d be willing to share the addendum with me. We run into this problem a lot here and I want to propose to our Territorial Board that we adopt the same kind of addendum. We are a very tiny jurisdiction, so your help is appreciated!

  2. Fred Disamssas

    We just found out the property we have leased through VRBO sold. No one told us! Our lease should have transferred like any other residential lease.

  3. Roger

    This is idiocy. Such an addendum is probably invalid, as it almost certainly violates the Terms and Conditions between the Seller (selling Host) and Airbnb (or other listing service).
    Any new owner should never be interested in allowing a former owner to keep a guest booking past closing date. The new owner has no contract with such a Guest or the Host Listing Company (Airbnb or similar). The risk and liability is insane, with no upside.
    REALTORS, leave contract law to the professionals. You have no business or expertise and are actually precluded by law from discussing legal matters.

  4. Karen

    I am closing on my house and I have a person that manages my rental on VRBO. I cannot get him to turn over the account so we can cancel and refund monies to renters. VRBO will not give me access as I am not listed on the account and do not have the password.
    I feel trapped and I am responsible according to my attorney.

    any help would be great.

    1. Nancy Tallman

      I’m sorry I am unable to help you with this. Please contact your real estate agent or an attorney.

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