Should Nightly Rentals Be Allowed Without Restrictions?

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  1. linnell smith

    i am a resident of nordic village-i have been since 1986-we had a nice neighborhood-a quiet culdesac -and now many homes are bought and built just to rent-we have had the same issues as your article about jeremy ranch-my husband is president of the hoa and we have been trying to change the CC&R’s-we are now one vote short and still trying-we are trying to block the construction of another 9 bedroom home on nansen ct-hired a lawyer-this same person built the same kind of home next to us and next to the lot he is trying to buy-he advertises rentals that will house 40 people! would know of anything we can do besides changing the CC&R’S (an admendment?) has the CDC come in with rulings on vrbo’s, airbnb’s because of this pandemic-any info you could ad would be much appreciated

    1. To my knowledge, the CDC has not come up with guidelines about hotels or nightly rentals. I can see how a home that “sleeps 40” would be very disruptive to a neighborhood. In our Jeremy Ranch neighborhood, we changed the CCRs, added penalties, and the offender is still renting her house on VRBO. I am hoping that her rentals will be way down with the COVID-19 concerns and she will sell her home.

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