Vail’s Purchase of Park City Leads to Increased Visitors

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  1. Luke

    Vail has made park city, what used to be a safe haven for locals and pros, into a tourist attraction. I can’t go to my local ski resort any more without being yells at by a yellow jacket for skiing “too fast”. I have friends who have had their passes revoked for the entire season because their family member from out of state wanted them to show them around and the vail employees thought they were giving a lesson for cash. Both to mention the employees! I worked there for less then a month and lost all my respect for the resort i grew up with. The management and corporate are on two completely different pages and don’t respect the hard work their employees deserve, many people (like me) quit halfway through the season because they wouldn’t acknowledge our needs, not just as employees, but as people. There were days when I worked the goddamn gondola, a thankless job to most spoiled people who have the money to go on a vacation every other week, without taking any breaks because we were so short staffed, and still somehow got yelled at by our manager afterwards (who, no joke, has a personality like trump). My thoughts on the matter as someone who has grown up with this resort since childhood, and has been inside their business, is they they have officially sucked the life and fun out of park city mountain resort. I Don’t plan on skiing there next year….

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