Residents of Jeremy Ranch Fight for a Cause

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  1. Me

    We got a new, very large “affordable living” apartment complex in our neighborhood thanks to a federal law that was secretly passed in 2011 that not only subsidizes the low income residents but gave a huge tax break/incentive to the contractor. We now have a surge in illegal immigrants where 3 plus families live in 2 bedroom apartments… along with a surge of car break ins and theft.

    Good luck.

  2. Kevin Larsen

    Great Article! I was at the meeting as well and it was awesome to see the community come together on this issue, and it looks like it paid off!
    Kevin Larsen

  3. Chris Dahlin

    We see these issues come up frequently enough in the southern part of the state. I live in Iron County, Cedar City specifically. What do you do with the questions surrounding the property rights of the individual who owns the land.? Is the mood of the 200 residents who showed up for the general planning meeting to prevent any development of the 16 acres or just limit the development of 16 acres to the previously stated or permitted 66,000 sf of commercial use? Was the impassioned plea from the 200 people at the meeting based on not wanting any change in their neighborhood, their view scape and some of their traffic patterns? “We like things the way they are and we do not want change.” Or were the pleas made on a different foundation of facts and reasoning? What finding of facts is the county trying to base its decisions on? I am interested in the answers to these questions so as to help understand how other communities are handling some of the transitions from vacant to newly populated areas with the impacts on view, traffic, services and general quality of life. These issues are very much shared in the southern part of the state. Thanks for your time and efforts and I hope you have some time to answer.

    Chris Dahlin –dahlin@infowest.com

  4. Richard Manning

    Great job Nancy for your contributions and the information you disseminate. Keep up the good work. There is place for all the needs of our community. Let’s just make sure that pieces we need are all in the right place!

  5. Bill Erickson

    Great write-up, Nancy. Joy and I were travelling and couldn’t attend hearing but would certainly have stood up with Laura!!! We vehemently oppose making that 11 acre parcel a “Dumping Ground for Others’ Unwanted Density!!!!!” … Bill

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