Should You Trust Online Home Valuations?

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  1. Carol Stone


    Once I finish up with projects around here, I’d like to have you come over for wine, a tour, a valuation, and some conversation.

    I just changed out the K lighting and am working on making my own upholstered headboard.
    I purchased a ceiling fan for the BR, am considering a sandstone façade on the FP, and new K countertops. I am sick of granite and was surprised to see so much of on the Parade of Homes tour. A friend here just did her K in granite for under $3000, so I am considering it. She said the price was about the same as a quality laminate. Any suggestions on budget materials or resources?

    The RE Store seems to sell granite very quickly, and I would still need a fabricator and installer. The labor would cost more since I have my own material. And, I don’t get to the RE Store daily, and sometimes I don’t like the selection. I am looking through their tile for enough glass tile to do the small backsplash and wall behind the stove.

    Oh well. you’ll be able to se it all before we leave in early Oct.


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