Should You Test Your Home for Radon?

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  1. Thank you sincerely, Nancy, for the information you share with your clients about the danger of living with elevated levels of radioactive radon gas and how easy it is to test. Your encouragement to the homeowner to take action to lower the radon level is appreciated. Lives can be saved. As you said the homeowner should always use a licensed and or certified radon professional to ensure proper installation of a radon mitigation system.

    The surgeon general has urged all homes be tested for radon and if the level is high, action taken to lower it. The EPA uses 4.0 pCi/L as it’s action level; however, the World Health Organization uses 2.7 pCi/L. There is no safe level of radon. Most people are completely unaware of what radon is, what it can do, or if it is in their homes or not. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge about radon with others. Your actions are making a difference in saving lives.
    Gloria Linnertz
    Citizens For Radioactive Radon Reduction

  2. Emily

    We did the radon test through our home inspector during our first home purchase last June. It was not part of his basic package but I believe he charged us $50 or $100 for the test. Worth every penny for the piece of mind.

    But my question for Gloria is, will we need to test again every so many years, or is a one-time test sufficient?

    Thanks, Nancy!


    1. It is recommended that you test every two years because things change. The outer crust of earth does move one inch each year, we have things like earthquakes that change the surroundings, we make changes to our homes, our landscapes, and we have changes in our surroundings with street and sewer repairs as well as construction changes around us. Any energy saving procedures may also make a difference in the radon level in your home such as new windows or doors or other weatherization procedures. Thanks for asking because some people think once they have tested the radon level will always remain the same which is not necessarily true.

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