Park City’s Treasure Hill Development: a 30 Year Saga

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  1. Sharon Christiansen

    Two city council members and one planning commissioned from the time Treasure was “approved” have testified that a development of this scale was NEVER and I mean NEVER CONTEMPLATED. It was to be a residential community, NO hotels NOR a convention center. How did this possibly get 400k plus square feet to over a million is beyond me.

  2. Chris

    I believe until the three lanes of traffic, which are regularly clogged now, unlike 30 years ago, are addressed Park City ought not consider adding 2000 new visitors a day. Further, with the need to staff more lodging, where does this project propose to house, perhaps even find employees? Much of the traffic in and out of Park City seems to be commuter based, which indicates employees who cannot live in Park City.
    I’ll close with this 80’s gem, “Do we want to be another Aspen?”

  3. Ryan

    Right Sweeney family, preserving land while building disgusting hotels and useless rich yuppy shopping centers. The town can’t even employ enough people already thanks to the other rich cheapskate investors who want everyone to work for $10hr. I think you need your heads checked.

  4. Cristina S.

    This cannot happen. No more development. Park city is beautiful WILD and this is wildlife territory, which people forget about. Corporate greed is going to be the end of all of us if we don’t take action to stop it now. We need nature and less people as possible, conserve the little land we have left. Thank you

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