Healing Myself in January Made me Stronger for Shelter in Place

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  1. Meri J. Crandall

    I knew about this because you told me, but reading it again, gave me such encouragement. You encourage me so much my friend. I am honored and blessed to you call you a good friend.
    Love you much! Meri

  2. Thank you, Meri! I hope to come visit you in Hurricane soon!

  3. Robert Hennessy


    This may not surprise people who know you however I still find your story to be incredibly inspirational and worth sharing!
    You are an awesome role model! Bob

    1. Thanks, Bob!

  4. Thank, Bob!

  5. Maureen McDermut

    truly inspiring Nancy. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Maureen!

  6. Craig Dennis

    Great story . . . my wife suffered a serious horse accident back in October (21 days at the U of U, including 11 in ICU) and then we get Covid-19 (now recovered) in mid-March. Your story was inspiring. We are back on the horses.

    1. Glad you are back on the horses. I am thankful my injury did not involve surgery.

  7. Vic Bruno

    Nancy, this is one of the most valuable things I’ve read lately. I knew you were strong, but this is exceptional. I treasure knowing you and the positive impact you have on others is priceless , whether at work or in life you are an ongoing inspiration.

    1. Vic, thank you! That means so much to me!

    2. This means the world to me, Vic!

  8. Malia

    Thanks for sharing your story Nancy! I hope to see you soon.

    1. Thanks, Malia–Hope you are doing great in these crazy times.

  9. Karen Marriott

    Nancy, I am sorry to hear about the pain you suffered earlier this year. You are such a committed and disciplined person that I am not surprised that you bounced back. You inspire me. Stay well, friend. xo

  10. Chris Venizelos- InterNet Properties

    Nice to hear an incredible and inspirational story during these challenging times! Thanks for sharing!
    Also regarding healing stories, I would like to mention Kelly A Turners new book, Radical Hope- 10 Key Healing Factors from Exceptional Survivors of Cancer & Other Disrases

  11. Brenda Keller

    Nancy, we are so sorry to hear about the ordeal you have been through! Yours is an incredible story of courage, perseverance, and focus. We wish you all the best in your continuing recovery.

    Brenda & Jerry

  12. Norm Schwartz

    Nancy, Very well said and executed recovery. I think the Cabin Fever and strange feeling of being down occasionally are normal and a result of our current world/Utah circumstances. We need to remind ourselves to overlook the news and current limitations on our lives and be thankful for our blessings. I think if we have to self isolate what a wonderful place to do it.
    Be well and be safe, Norm

  13. Lori Fortin


    That’s an amazing story and so inspirational! Thank you for sharing.


  14. Great share, Nancy. You are one tough woman! Johnny

    1. Takes one to know one, Johnny!

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