Capitol Reef National Park Bed & Breakfast Videos: Vote to Win!

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  1. Kathleen Fisher

    #2 is much better, although additional naritive highlighting why the inn is so special would have made it worth the time. Also, adding one or two tips about what to see in Capital Reef would have been
    a nice touch. Both films start out strong and then just dwindle .

  2. I love visiting Southern Utah – it is God’s rock garden!

  3. Laura Muller

    I like the second video. It is more polished and vibrant. The music is also better with the subject matter.

  4. Carol

    Looks interesting!

  5. Dave Black

    Video #2. Winner winner, chicken dinner 🙂

  6. Gabriel Stockton

    I love the second video, it has more visuals of the area and place to stay… super fun music. The photo album at the start of the video makes me want to create memories in Southern Utah with my family. The video length was fine. The healthy snacks comment helped me think… making the trip affordable. (only thing I didn’t care for was the editing chop of the walk over to the car to the healthy snack comment). All and I want to wish for a glumy day so I can drive down now 😉

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