1. Graig Griffin

    Well written, and true. As a real estate trainer and coach, often the first thing I have to do, even with experienced agents is to adjust their perspective from taking (prospecting, marketing) to giving (advising, protecting). Interlopers like Zillow and Homie are counting on agents who focus on what they can get, rather than how they can best serve their clients (give). Those who are true masters of the real estate craft never stop training, look for solutions outside of the “job description,” and know that there are three (not 2) parts to every deal: the transaction (movement of information, docs, and money), customer service (what is reasonably expected of each professional), and the EXPERIENCE which is how the client FEELS during and after.

    It’s the difference between an agent who thinks “What do I have to do here?” versus one who ponders “What could I do here to make this amazing?”

    Nancy is the latter – if you are seeking for a great Park City agent, look no further.

  2. Jurek

    Thank you for taking the time to share your comments. I’m so sorry that you have worked with some agents who are clearly not representative of the best of our business. (Losers, as you have called them). I couldn’t agree with you more. I wonder how you found the agents that you worked with. I have written about online real estate websites on other blogs and they are a terrible way to pick an agent. There are people who office an hour from Park City who advertise on Zillow as “Premiere Agents” and know nothing about our market. Online websites have no criteria for accepting premier agents as long as they pay for their ads. The best way to find a good agent is to ask friends, look on Yelp! and look at the agent’s website. When such a large amount of money is at stake, it pays to do a bit of research. If you are stuck with someone you don’t like, you can talk to the broker and ask to be switched to another agent.

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