Park City Homeowners: Is Airbnb in Your Backyard?

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  1. Emily

    This article comes at an interesting time when the City of Francis, UT is currently considering a petition to annex a 26 acre plot and approve a flagship hotel, c-store, gas station and a gated community of town homes on the lot. (See Butler-Christensen Annexation Petition –

    The town homes are the interesting piece because the city would want nightly rentals due to the tax revenues, but the residents are opposed for the very reasons you mention in your article. I’m sure Airbnb would be a big part of the rental pool in this development if it goes through. But the residents are trying to plea with the city to disapprove or dramatically reduce the scale of this.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Certain neighborhoods in Park City are also wrestling with this issue.

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