1. Some good and effective packaging and moving tips include:
    Ordering a lot of boxes in various sizes, I would recommend to order fewer big boxes and more small boxes in order to pack your stuff smartly.
    Instead of using newspaper and magazine select special paper packaging, as this prevent ink stains which usually sticks over the objects during long distance moving.
    Do not forget to label your boxes so you must know which objects are present in the box and to which room those items belong to.

  2. Start by creating a timeline, and then schedule for packaging accordingly, apply the one year rule and make sure to get rid of all the stuff which you haven’t used for a while: either through donating or selling it off in a garage sale. In order to track your item during a move make an inventory checklist,I would recommend to hire professional moving service providers like Fixmymove, as they do not only save time and make the process hassle-free but also provides you with a peace of mind.

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