Utah’s Embrace of Business Fuels Job Growth

Click on this article in the Wall St Journal About Utah’s Job Growth……


It is a safe bet that the executives of these current and future Utah companies, located in the Orem-Salt Lake-Ogden area, will live in Park City. We are an easy commute to all three cities. One of the online comments said something to the effect that businesses will be leaving “LA LA Land” (code for Los Angeles) in droves. What this commenter my not know is that the gate is open and many have already left. We have friends who have executive positions in many of the companies mentioned in the article and they all came from California. Having lived in Utah now for almost 8 years, I am begining to take for granted the ease of lifestyle in the Mountain West. We love to visit California but love to live in Park City, Utah. Looks like we are not the only ones…..

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