How Real are Reality TV Home Shows?

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  1. I’m always amazed at these flxer upper shows that tell the buyers the repair and upgrade options and what it will cost to do the remodel. They tell them the price and the buyers agree agree. Then the construction crew goes in and “finds” all these major problems with the furnace, electrical and supporting walls. What part of due diligence don’t they understand and why don’t they ever do a home inspection?….most of this stuff is fantasy land. I have remodeled over a dozen homes and always did inspections. Plus, I always built in a 15-20% contingency for additional problems. Also, I don’t get it when they schedule an open house when they haven’t finished the repair process? I never lost money on any home I have bought and resold or kept as an investment property…but it is hard work and not for the timid or weak of heart. If problems or working with people are not something you can deal with….. then stay away with any kind of “Flip” or investment property!

    1. Thanks, Bill, for your insightful comments! It is definitely “hard work and not for the timid or weak of heart!”

  2. Carolyn Suchala

    I enjoy watching most of the shows listed. I was wondering about the 3 houses, since they usually don’t like any of them when they look at them, but always pick one.

    Property Brothers always get the house completely remodeled in 7 weeks.

    1. Thanks, Carolyn! Whenever I watch those shows, I never pick the house the buyer ends up with.

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