Prepare Your Home for Your Next Move – Declutter!

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  1. Thank you Nancy! I am in the process of trying to declutter. Deciding what to keep and get rid of is indeed hard. I like the question, Does it bring you joy? Hopefully this info will make my job a little bit easier!

  2. Great information Nancy, we used to see many homes that would present so much better if they were de cluttered which is why we now always provide a guide for all vendors on how to best present their home before the photography and video shoot.

  3. Like laundry, haircuts and working out, decluttering is not a one time thing. It is something that you should do routinely. For clothing and sports equipment, twice a year. Paperwork daily, weekly, monthly and annually. If you continue to evaluate your possessions as you go through life, you will create a more peaceful and attractive home for your family, be prepared to move should the opportunity arrise quickly and spare yourself and your grown children the overwhelming task of cleaning out your home in later years. Eliminating unwanted stuff is profitable, charitable and liberatiing.

  4. Grace Engelbrecht

    Thanks for the great article, Nancy! This is a great time to start to declutter and be ready for a new year? Do you really love all those Holiday decorations? We are keeping only the ones we love and passing the others on!

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